Special cleaning works

  • Cleaning of premises after repair works, fire, etc.;
  • Ecological cleaning of windows, glass partitions and glass facades;
  • Washing and scrubbing of obsolete dirt of various floor coverings using scrubbing machines and special means;
  • Eco-friendly cleaning and disinfection of furniture, carpets and rugs using hot steam pumps;
  • Ecological cleaning and disinfection of furniture, mattresses and other surfaces;
  • Coating of PVC, marble and other floors with polymer protective films;
  • Impregnation and polishing of stone tiles and “Teraco” epoxy floors;
  • Oiling of wooden, PVC floors;
  • Ceiling cleaning of various surfaces;
  • Cleaning of facades, asphalt sites, concrete paving sites using high pressure equipment;
  • Elevation works – cleaning of high-rise structures, fire pipes, ducts, luminaires, removal of icicles, cleaning of roofs from snow using special. Lifting equipment and high climbs.

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