About us

CNC-cleaning is your professional and reliable partner!

We provide our customers with high-quality and professional wide range of cleaning services. Experience and modern technical equipment, interest in innovations helped to gather a strong team of professionals to ensure a high level of service. We provide comprehensive indoor, outdoor and special cleaning services. We provide hygiene products and carpet rental services. We are well aware that the quality of cleaning services also depends on the tools used. It is especially important to choose the right tools and equipment to preserve and not damage the surfaces to be cleaned. We are responsible, we use only certified chemicals, the highest quality tools, equipment and machinery in all cleaning processes. We take care of nature, we use innovative technologies and ecological tools in our activities.
We have been operating throughout Latvia for 15 years and currently we provide professional cleaning services throughout Lithuania also.

Our goal is the highest level of service based on experience, professionalism, innovative and state-of-the-art technologies that meets customer expectations!